Competitor Info

Important Notes
Pitting - You are all welcome to pit with who you like, where you like. The only rule is that you stay within the designated pitting area along the back wall, please bring an extension lead.

Tables & Chairs - Please bring your own, we would have loved to provide them but unfortunately space and budget doesn’t allow us to. Table/chair feet must not have any exposed metal as we don’t want to damage the floor.

Format - 4 rounds of qualifying best 2 from 4, 1 final

Scrutineering - We will be doing post race scrutineering. Once you finish your run, you must put your car on the cars off table at scruitneering, even if you dont start or break during the run. Failure to do so will result in a DQ from that round. There will be random voltage checks conducted throught the day. Random motor checks will also be done, this could be during tech or in the pits, if it’s in your car we will see that as your race motor.

Marshalling - More info will be provided at the drivers briefing regarding Marshalling.

Trophies - Yep we have you covered, the top three from each final will receive a trophy which you will be able to collect and have your photos taken with the MiCC pit girl after you have marshalled.

Shop - 6k Racing is our official trackside shop, you can pre order tyres along with anything else you need from their website

Tyres - Only the MiCC marked Volante wheels and tyres are allowed to be used, 1 set per day (tyres you present to tech for round 1 is your set for the day)

Additive - Schumacher Racing have provided CS High Grip as our controlled additive, a table will be setup at the side of the track where you will be able to apply the additive free of charge.
Provisional Schedule
Download Timetable: Here
Doors open: 07:15
Practice Starts: 07:45
Drivers Briefing: 08:40
Qualifying Round 1: 09:00
Finals: 15:45

All times are approximate and subject to change without notice. It is the responsibility of the competitor to watch the progress of the meeting and be ready for their run at the appropriate time.

Current entry list

Driver Name Paid & Confirmed? Transponder #(s)
Bittydesign 17.5 Stock Touring
Gareth HollisYes 9644615
Daniel RowleyYes 3358748
Mike RowleyYes 9036431
Andrew DawsonYes
Will EverettYes 5360141
Iain Gordon Yes 8038838
Craig WilliamsYes 4266617
Jamie HallYes 3848599
Mark Young Yes 5948253
Dave RingsellYes 2799199
Bryony FreemanYes
Tom HampsonYes 5921385
Mark Trinder Yes 6674545
Tim WoronYes 9063731
Michael BallYes 3564486
Chris ParrottYes 5799075
Daniel WilliamsYes 7898621
Stephen RobertsYes 9216882
Stuart DayYes 3624077
Stuart Evans Yes 3809402
David MilfordYes 2310561
Chris Whitworth Yes 6385836
Nick BrutyYes 7987949
Joshua BarfieldYes 8956733
Dan SheppardYes 7415678
Jayden Sterling Yes 2625093
Ryan TungYes 9589511
Jack ChiuYes 3251273
Dave SedgwickYes 3450873
Lee MoseleyYes 7531106
Jo HartleyYes 9999999
Joseph TinkYes 5707574
Paul MilesYes 2882207
Nigel WyseYes 3283553
Nick WyseYes 7948863
Ben BrooksYes 9875964
Nigel PhilpottYes 9156484
Nick HalfpennyYes 7242251
Liam FennYes 7770010
Kevin FennYes 7770010
Josh MilesYes 4064319
Luke HobsonYes 3834499
Jamie CheshireYes 6182405
Andrew RobsonYes 6837929
Carl ParkesYes 8281892
Tom SheppardYes 7695341
Mark GiaquintoYes 6741021
Robert FirthYes 9999999
Bittydesign 17.5 Stock Touring - RESERVE LIST
Samantha GrovesNo 4551061
Andrew BoughtonNo 6018942
Gregory GloverNo 1234567
Guy RogersNo 7582746
Awesomatix 13.5 Super Stock Touring
Dominic CarterYes2263577
Sam LawYes2744221
Darren LeeYes6019977
Jay KayYes2579159
Ashley CouplandYes7590383
Christian BoothYes9875964
Dave Lumbis Yes9926291
Adam GloverYes6457811
Matthew BoothYes3351237
Jonathan ForseYes6240339
Mikey MansellYes4311707
Wayne GoreyYes6659178
Dani YoungYes5948253
Tom MeakinYes6709334
Jimmy MaddisonYes2223331
Billy FletcherYes6667773
Colin JacksonYes9397425
Keith EaglesYes6674885
Shaun OgdenYes5919703
Ricky LeeYes5166306
Dave SedgwickYes3450873
Gabriel HensonYes9724053
Scott ScholeyYes7590383
Chris ForrestYes2147522
Nigel FoxYes2204066
James HartYes5888889
Mark GiaquintoYes9128778
Stephen DaviesYes6003939
Adam EllisYes2263674
Sion WedleyYes6018942
Ray ChiuYes7058233
Craig DaffronYes4816042
Simon FarrowYes4717481
Zak FinlayYes5851611
Alex BrocklebankYes8644307
Ian RevillYes9261972
Dave IrvingYes4072717
Marcus AskellYes9747779
Chris GunterYes8129107
Danny BallYes9507596
Andy LowYes9203017
Matt Carter Yes5851611
Jon Townsend Yes6969123
Andrew PorterYes5411782
Jamie DonovanYes9763987
Rob HarryYes4152669
Michael FriebelYes2398831
Billy KavanaghYes2998131
Martyn RossYes7510650
Ricky CopseyYes5310037
Simon Harris Yes1411234
Martin SharpYes6683894
Adam PrinceYes4061338
Gregg AllanYes9999998
Charlie PinkneyYes6698108
Thomas GreenYes3979916
Zach MilesYes5671551
Paul GriggsYes5947536
Christopher SpurrYes9969205
Robert FirthYes5298031
James FreemanYes9148822
David Underwood Yes8800035
James EganYes4394372
Richard CobbYes5165475
Kyle LeeYes9169123
Stephen RogersYes8899510
Tony BroadYes2795330
Nathan ParkerYes1234567
Tristram NealYes7170759
Modified Touring Presented by Muchmore
Shane DyeYes 3606371
Lee HensonYes 2647954
Liam HammondYes 7432571
Peter EaglesYes 9952735
David HallYes 7696284
Robert ScottYes
Ben CosgroveYes 6147648
Olly JefferiesYes 8197557
Chris AshtonYes 9356948
Steve DavisYes 9393566
Harley EldridgeYes 7268835
Alex ThurstonYes 8052477
John PapeYes 8835381
Liam BrooksYes5411782
Elliott HarperYes 3200927
Jamie McDonaghYes 3569890
Paul Pinkney Yes 4005283
Gareth HobsonYes 3363985
Andrew ClarkYes 8472221
Chris ThompsonYes 2239097
Damian GiddinsYes 3466675
Scott ScholeyYes 7590383
Chris Grainger Yes 9852276
James PlimmerYes 8024042
Matthew WhiteYes 5098199
Chris ClarkYes 1234567
Phil AldredYes 8430061
Stefan ChodzynskiYes 4783274

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