Rules & Regulations


Modified Touring
Any modified motor to BRCA/IFMAR rules

Super Stock Touring 13.5 Blinky
13.5 motors*. All competitors must use Blinky/Zero timing speed controllers as per either the BRCA or ROAR lists.

Stock Touring 17.5 Blinky
17.5 motors*. All competitors must use Blinky/Zero timing speed controllers as per either the BRCA or ROAR lists.

Conditions of Participation - Stock Touring 17.5 Blinky
17.5 blinky is for the average hobby enthusiast and therefore the 17.5 blinky class is for non-factory drivers only. Formula 1
Formula 1 style cars with 21.5 motors*. All competitors must use Blinky/Zero timing speed controllers as per either the BRCA or ROAR lists.

* Motors on the BRCA list before the end of November 2021 may be used. Motors added after November 2021 cannot be used.


Each Championship has 2 drop rounds
Masters (Over 40) and Junior (Under 17) are both championships which run within the class structure (not seperate races). Anyone within these age limits at the start of round 1 will be entered into the Masters or Junior championships.
Points will be scored for juniors/masters from a percentage value created from final position in class divided by number of drivers in class
Generating an overall points score (100 for 1st, descending by 1)

Control Tyre

One set per driver per round (tires will be marked before first qualifying)

Touring Car Classes
Volante – VT-V5-PG28MICC

Formula 1
Shimizu V2
Front - XG571C
Rear - XG575C

For Round 4 & 5, the Shimizu V3 tires have been allowed in addition the the Shimizu V2
Front - TBD
Rear - TBD

General Regulations

1 Timed Practice, 4 Qualifying Round by Round - Best 3 to Count - 1 Final

In the past we saw far too many new body shells being released, meaning that racers often had to panic buy to get the latest hot ticket in time for the next round and only a matter of hours to paint them, which intern meant we had a lot of one colour wonders.

Therefore, only bodyshells that are available to the public and are listed on the BRCA list on the 1st of October 2021 ahead of Round 1 are allowed to get used throughout the entire MICC2.1 championship.

We believe this rule will keep our racing fair and competitive throughout the whole championship and produce some awesome looking race paint.

Specific Bodyshell Requirments - Touring Car
All bodies must have lights (front & rear) and grill, painted (from inside) or using decals. No sharpie outlines or colouring in.

Specific Bodyshell Requirments - Formula 1
Only Formula 1 body styles are allowed. Body must be painted in a race inspired theme. Single colour themes are allowed but you must use the included sticker sheet to detail the car. All cars must have a driver’s figure installed in the cockpit. Only bodyshells and wings that are available to the public and are listed on the BRCA list on the 1st of October 2021 ahead of Round 1 are allowed.

Body must be used as designed. No additional material may be added to alter the body unless it is included in the original design. Body must be cut-out and used as designed and no additional folding or bending of the body is allowed.

2021-22 Touring Car Approved Bodyshell List - Click here
2021-22 Formula 1 Approved Bodyshell List- Click here
2021-22 Formula 1 Approved Wing List- Click here

Minimum Ride Height
Touring Cars - 5mm
Formula 1 - 4mm
Minimum ride height must be achieved for all parts of chassis and bodyshell.

Minimum Weight Limit
Touring Cars - 1320g
Formula 1 - 1050g

Any motor can/will be checked at random by one of the MiCC team using a Fantom Fact Machine 3. The Fact Machine 3 accurately checks the internal resistance of a motor. Any motor that is found to be below the ROAR minimum figures will be asked to remove their motor and the FTD time deleted. These checks can be during tech or in the pits. We will see any motor that is in your car as your race motor.

Minimum Internal Resistance Figures
13.5T – 20.6 @ 25 degrees C
17.5T – 35.4 @ 25 degrees C
21.5T – 55.6 @ 25 degrees C

2021-22 Approved Motor List 13.5T Stock - Click here
2021-22 Approved Motor List 17.5T Stock - Click here
2021-22 Approved Motor List 21.5T Stock - Click here
Note: these are the final lists and will not be updated.

The MiCC will allow any commercially available hard cases 2s LiPo.
The LiPo must be charged and discharged in a LiPo charging bag.

Max. Battery voltage: 8.40 Volts
Max. Charging current: 12 Amps
Max. Discharging current: 20 Amps

Voltages and rates above will be check randomly by the MiCC Team.

If a driver comes to technical inspection with 8.44 volts or more, he/she is not allowed to start his/her next heat.
If the LiPo voltage is 8.41 to 8.43 volts the driver is allowed to discharge the battery down to 8.40 volts by accelerating and braking the car while holding it in his hands until the battery voltage is down to 8.40V.

We will be using MyLaps RC4 decoders so you must have either an Mylaps RC4 or newer styles of MRT transponder. Click here for a table of compatible transponders.

It is the responsibility of the competitor to ensure that a compatible transponder is fitted to their car at all times. There will be no manual counting.

*Note some MRT PTX style transponders do work with our decoders. These can be identified from the older versions when the transponder is first powered on it will blink blue 3 times. This type is compatible.

CS High Grip is the control additive.
There will be a designated additive area for application of the control additive. Tires can only be cleaned with break cleaner. All tyres must be wiped before entering the track area, tyres will be checked during technical inspection before each heat. If the tyres are seen to be wet, we will ask you to wipe your tyres and resubmit your car for inspection.

Tyre Warmers
Tyre Warmers are not allowed.

Scrutineering will be doing pre-race. Once you have gone through scruitneering, you cannot go back to the pits without going back through the scruitneering process. Once you finish your run, you may take your car back to the pits.

You must marshal the 2nd race after your own. This means you will race, have a one race break, and then you will marshal the race after that. This is to allow us to keep to time and so we are not waiting for marshals. You must marshal from your designated number point. Hi-vis jackets must be worn whilst marshalling, marshalling is mandatory even if you DNS or DNF. Failure to return your car and transmitter to scrutineering or leaving your marshal post unattended will mean you lose your time for that round.

BRCA Membership - Full BRCA membership is required.

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